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Quality Pet Photos Drive an 81% Higher Adoption Rate in 2021

The results of the Adoptimize 2021 Impact Study are in and the proof is in the holiday pudding, good photos online save the lives of dogs and cats.

Adoptimize is a shelter software that generates high-quality pet photos in seconds. The Adoptimize 2021 Impact Study analyzed over 40,000 animals in 14 shelters from March to September of 2021. The analysis, which reviewed shelters with intakes ranging from 1,300 to 40,000 dogs and cats per year, compared the outcome data of animals that leveraged Adoptimized photos versus those that did not.

The findings showcase the power of Adoptimize to drive positive outcomes for shelters.

When represented by Adoptimize photos, dogs saw an 81% higher adoption rate, and cats saw a 44% higher adoption rate.

In addition to higher adoption rates, the study also found an increase in live release rates in 2021. Adoptimize dogs had a 22% higher live release rate, and Adoptimize cats had a 6% higher live release rate, as compared to animals without Adoptimize photos.

With Adoptimize, more pets are adopted, rescued, transferred, or returned home each year.

At Adoptimize, our mission is to make it easier for animal shelters to connect with and support their communities, and the pets and families within them. A special thank you to these shelters for partnering with us and contributing to the study: Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control, Tehama County Animal Services, Ulster County SPCA, the City of San Antonio, Humane Society of Charles County, Washoe County Regional Animal Services, Pets Under Police Security, Los Angeles Animal Services, Fort Bend County Animal Services, Tracy PD, Humane Society of Washington County, Animal Care of Davis County, El Paso Animal Services, and Bainbridge Humane Society.

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