The shelter app that generates high-quality,

instagrammable pet photos in seconds


City of Stockton, CA

79% higher adoption rates

City of El Paso, TX

Saved $508,499 in cost of care

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, FL

43% reduction in LOS

Palm Valley Animal Society, TX

33% more unique views

Real results


Benefits for Shelters and Rescues

Increases adoption rates

with higher quality photos

Reunites more pets with owners

with clearer images for lost-and-found verifications

Saves lives

by reducing euthanasia rates

Boosts revenue

through more adoptions and return-to-owner fees

Increases online engagement   

with more appealing, relatable images

Fast and Simple

watch the 45-second video


What shelters are saying 

Optimized-TestimonialDog1 (1) (1).png

Lawrence Nicolas

COO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Optimized-TestimonialDog2 (1) (1).png

Paula Powell

Director of El Paso Animal Services

As one of the largest open-admission shelters in the country, Adoptimize has helped us save more lives and find more forever homes, while also saving staff resources and time.

Optimized-TestimonialDog3 (1).png

Mike Bricker 

Director of Operations Shelter Embed at Best Friends Animal Society

While I was at Palm Valley Animal Society, my goal was to significantly increase live release rates, and Adoptimize’s better photos really helped us get there - and online engagement doubled!

Adoptimize has been an absolute game-changer for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. During the pilot period, we saw a 43% decrease in length of stay for dogs that went through Adoptimize. We also saw an 8.2% increase in our return to owner rate. Plus, the software is so easy to use, the staff loves it!


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