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3 Easy Steps

Watch this product demo video to see how the Adoptimize technology works 

How It Works: Welcome

Step 1

Upload an image or video of your pet.

Step 2

The Adoptimize algorithm automatically edits the best shots for you.

Step 3

Click to download. Upload into your animal management system like you would any other photo.

How It Works: List

Better Intake Processes

No more manual photo editing!

Saves Time and Money

Simple 3-step process

Increases Positive Outcomes

How It Works: Features

Who Uses Adoptimize?

Brick + Mortar Shelters

It’s hard to take a good picture of a stressed out dog or cat at intake. Adoptimize helps brick and mortar shelters automate the process of getting great intake photos online fast.


There are thousands of adoptable pets online. Adoptimize helps rescues create thumb-stopping pet profiles that stand out.


Adoptimize Foster helps fosters provide better photos of in-home foster pets to the shelters and rescues they volunteer for.

How It Works: List

Calculate Your Savings

Adoptimize has significantly increased positive outcomes and reduced operating costs in shelters across the country. Use our savings calculator to see how Adoptimize can drive significant value for your shelter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works: FAQ
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