No Place Like Home Challenge  


March 1, 2021-March 31, 2021

in partnership with


Adoptimize generates high-quality and appealing photos of shelter animals in seconds

which increase return-to-home and adoption rates, improve efficiency, and reduce costs for shelters.

What you get for participating:

1 Year of Adoptimize

no credit card or contract required

$500 Prize

for most improved RTH rate with Adoptimize

$50 Cash Bonus

for any shelter that improves cat RTH rates by 25% with Adoptimize

Return-to-Home is the best possible outcome for a shelter

When pets and their families reunited, a shelter builds community support and saves significantly on cost of care. Adoptimize’s app is proven to significantly increase return-to-home rates for shelters. We joined the No Place Like Home Challenge to help even more shelters get pets home faster.


Adoptimize is offering every participating shelter FREE Adoptimize for one year. We’ll be awarding a $500 prize for the highest improvement in RTH rates with Adoptimize AND a special $50 bonus for any shelter that increases their cat return-to-home rate by 25% or more with Adoptimize (note: due to reporting compatibility, prize eligibility is limited to shelters that run Shelterluv, Shelterbuddy, PetPoint and/or Chameleon)

^ this link will take you to the No Place Like Home Challenge sign up page on Maddie's Fund

City of Stockton, CA

79% higher adoption rates

City of El Paso, TX

115% increase in stray reclaims

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, FL

43% reduction in LOS

Palm Valley Animal Society, TX

33% more unique views


4 Reasons to Use Adoptimize in the Challenge


with results in 15 seconds


doesn't require installing software, and everything can

be accessed on your phone, tablet or computer

Proven to reunite pets with owners

with clearer images for lost-and-found verifications

We'll personally train you     

no support tickets or automated responses. Our CEO provides tailored training for your staff (for shelters with an annual intake of 1,000+)


What shelters are saying 

Lawrence Nicolas

COO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Paula Powell

Director of El Paso Animal Services

As one of the largest open-admission shelters in the country, Adoptimize has helped us save more lives and find more forever homes, while also saving staff resources and time.

Mike Bricker 

Director of Operations Shelter Embed at Best Friends Animal Society

While I was at Palm Valley Animal Society, my goal was to significantly increase live release rates, and Adoptimize’s better photos really helped us get there - and online engagement doubled!

Adoptimize has been an absolute game-changer for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. During the pilot period, we saw a 43% decrease in length of stay for dogs that went through Adoptimize. We also saw an 8.2% increase in our return to owner rate. Plus, the software is so easy to use, the staff loves it!


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