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Send new adopters personalized gifts and raise money for your shelter.

We handle the details for you.

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summer 2022

Recipawsity helps animal shelters raise money from new adopters and lapsed donors. We send your adopters a gift mug customized with your shelter’s logo and a portrait of their pet. This gift creates a lasting bond between your shelter and adopters, which boosts donations to your shelter through the power of reciprocity.

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For each grant-winner in the Open Arms Challenge, Recipawsity will:


make and ship custom pet portrait mugs to your organization's new adopters for one month for free


The mugs will include your shelter's logo, and we’ll also provide a donation module for your organization to raise additional funds at checkout and at receipt of gift. Of course, 100% of funds raised will go to your organization.

The power of gifting

We’re celebrating shelters building relationships with people in the community, and nothing creates a more meaningful human bond than a personalized gift.


Recipawsity is making gifts on your shelter's behalf to help YOU raise money for your shelter. When adopters receive an adorable mug with their newly adopted pet on it as a “thank you for adopting gift” from your shelter, they are more likely to donate to your shelter in the future. Recipawsity works because of the human reciprocity instinct, the universal tendency to feel compelled to repay with a kind action when given a gift. 

It works even better when the gift is personalized:

44% of people are willing to donate 10% more for a personalized experience.

That increases to 62% for millennials.

-The Nonprofit Digital Imperative, Accenture 2020

Why we're doing this

Our team has served animal shelters with innovative technology since 2018, and we've learned a few things:

 Shelters need more money. 

One of the biggest problems facing animal welfare organizations is lack of funding – not because people aren’t willing to give, but because shelters lose 78% of new donors in the first year.

 Today’s donors want personalized experiences. 

And people LOVE their new pets. In the age of personalization, shelters aren’t retaining donors because they’re not connecting with people in a way that makes them feel valued…if they're connecting with them at all.

 But shelters don’t have time. 

You’re extremely busy. Your team doesn’t have time to set up and train on the newest fundraising software because they’re bottle-feeding 6 neonates, answering the phones, and locating 5 dog owners….all at the same time.

Recipawsity starts the donor relationship on a high note for you.


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About Us

Adoptimize is the software that helps animal shelters generate high quality pet portraits in seconds that are proven to increase adoption rates, return more pets home, and save shelters money.


Adoptimize shelters see a substantial impact on live release rates: on average our shelters see a 44% lift in adoption rates for cats and a 81% lift in adoption rates for dogs. Adoptimize creates incredible ROI: in 2020 pets at El Paso Animal Services saw 24% higher adoption rates and 105% higher return-to-home rate with Adoptimize, saving them $508,499 in cost of care.


Since officially launching in 2020, we now serve 200+ shelters covering 500,000 annual intakes, including the largest shelters in the country.

You can learn more about how Adoptimize's animal shelter software helped 42,836 dogs and cats find their homes this year here.

Real results


Drop us a line at We're real people and dogs over here.


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