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Adoptimize is taking pet photos to the next level.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Best Friends Animal Society and Amazon Web Services have teamed up with Adoptimize to help shelters get great photos of foster pets. Introducing Adoptimize Foster!

In the past three months, the animal shelter industry has learned that our future is in housing more animals outside of the shelter. But, it can be really hard to get good photos from your fosters - images are dark, the house is dirty, or they don’t send photos at all.

Adoptimize Foster is a FREE web app that automates the process of shooting and editing great pet photos in the home, making it easier for fosters to deliver YOU better images that increase visibility and engagement with pet profiles online.

Not only does our web app replace the background to anonymize foster homes for privacy, but we’re finding that removing the context of someone else’s home makes it easier for potential adopters to picture themselves with that pet.

In the past 9 months, Adoptimize has processed over 5,000 dogs in shelters across the country and the results have been incredible (even with COVID-19!):

· The City of El Paso, TX dogs have seen a 60% increase in adoption rates

· Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in Florida saw a 43% reduction in length of stay, saving them $65,000 in just two months

· The City of Stockton, CA dogs that had Adoptimize photos saw 98% higher foster rates than those without

We can’t wait for you to try Adoptimize Foster! Get started here.

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