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  • Shreya Manivel

4 Hidden iPhone Features Every Pet Photographer Should Use

No one understands the pain of missing an amazing shot better than pet photographers. If you have an iPhone X or higher, these nifty iPhone features will ensure you never miss a fabulous shot again.

1. Quickly open the camera from the lock screen

The easiest first step to capturing the right shot is to open your camera quickly. There are two ways you can do this:

  • tap the lock screen to turn your phone on and then swipe from right to left.

  • Tap the lock screen to turn your phone on and then press down firmly on the camera icon in the lower right hand corner

2. Burst-mode = Beast-mode

Even if you have your camera ready, it’s difficult to predict the right time to press the shutter button. With burst-mode, you capture 10 photos every second, enabling you to select the perfect moment.

  • Hold down the shutter button and swipe left. The camera will take photos until you release your finger.

  • Find your bursts in the photo app and open them. Press “Select” at the bottom of the screen and choose the ones you want to keep. These photos will automatically be saved while the rest are deleted.

3. Adjust exposure in-camera

Do your photos always end up being too bright or too dark? You can easily fix this by adjusting the exposure before you take a photo.

  • Simply tap the screen to set focus

  • Then, swipe up to make the image brighter or down to make it darker

4. Turn on HDR

Cameras have trouble capturing detail in both bright and dark areas at the same time. This is especially common if you’re taking a picture of the pet outside: a the bright sky and darker foreground create a high-contrast scene which the camera does not always handle well. This problem is easily solved with HDR, which captures many shots at different brightness levels. It then combines the best parts to create one perfect photo.

  • Go to Settings and then Camera. Make sure Auto HDR is turned off so you can choose when to use HDR (make sure "Keep Normal Photo" is on so you can also have a normal version of the photo)

  • In the Camera app, press HDR at the top of the screen and you’ll see three options: Auto, On, and Off. Make sure On is selected and take your photo.

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