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Palm Valley Animal Society


Palm Valley Animal Society is a non-profit animal welfare organization that serves six municipalities across Hidalgo County, TX and takes in over 30,000 animals per year. Over the course of 3 months, dogs that went through the PVAS Adoptimize system saw a 31% RTO rate - that’s 143% higher than dogs that did not get an Adoptimize image. Adoptimize dogs also saw a 33% increase in unique profile page views on

Humane Society Naples


Humane Society Naples is a private nonprofit serving animals in the Collier County area. When Adoptimize arrived, they already had a 94% save rate for the ~1,500 dogs they intake annually. Over the course of 5 months, Adoptimize reduced the length of stay by 28% year over year, saving Humane Society Naples $170 per dog stay.

City of El Paso Animal Services


The City of El Paso, TX is a large municipal shelter that processes over 27,000 animals per year. In a two-month study, Adoptimize dogs saw 60% higher adoption rates than dogs that did not receive an Adoptimize image!

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is a private non-profit organization serving Palm Beach County that cares for over 7,000 pets per year. When Adoptimize arrived, the league already had a 97% save rate for dogs!  Over the course of two months, Adoptimize moved Peggy Adams’ dogs faster: Adoptimize dogs saw a 43% reduction in length of stay, saving Peggy Adams $360,000 in cost of care per year. 

City of Stockton Animal Shelter


The City of Stockton is a municipal animal shelter that intakes over 10,000 pets annually. In our 1-month study across 400 dogs, comparing dogs with Adoptimize images to dogs without Adoptimize images, Adoptimize dogs saw 57% higher adoption rates, 98% higher foster rates, and a 25% increase in RTOs. The downstream result was that Adoptimize dogs saw a 81% reduction in euthanasia.

Best Friends


Best Friends Animal Society sponsored Adoptimize to adapt our technology for fosters to use in their homes. Our goal is to help  fosters market their pets online and facilitate adoptions themselves so that pets never have to return to the shelter! Try Adoptimize Foster here

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