Official Rules

  1. This sweepstakes is available to individuals visiting the Adoptimize, LLC website ( between September 14, 2020 and September 20, 2020 and submitting an online form consisting of the following information: 1) Name; 2) Title; 3) Animal Shelter or Rescue Group; 4) Approximate Size of Animal Shelter or Rescue Group; and 5) E-mail.  Individuals who fully complete this form in the manner proscribed above are hereinafter known as “Participants”.  Participants consent to receiving emails and/or other promotional materials from Adoptimize, LLC, in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, provided at .  Adoptimize reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to extend the dates for contest entry and the date Adoptimize ends such entry period shall be considered the “Contest Closure”. 

  2. Only one (1) Participant per Animal Shelter or Rescue Group will be entitled to enter the sweepstakes.  If a Participant enters multiple times or multiple Participants enter from the same Animal Shelter or Rescue Group only the first entry shall be valid. 


  4. The winning Participant is chosen randomly within one (1) week of the Contest Closure. Participants will be assigned a number based on their date and time of sign up.  An online random number generator will then choose the winning number.  The Participant with the winning number shall be deemed the “Winning Participant”.  The Winning Participant shall be notified via email within two (2) weeks of being chosen.

  5. The Winning Participant shall be given a promotion code specific to that Participant (“Winning Code”) which can be used on the Art in a Sec LTD (“Art in a Sec”) website ( The Winning Participant shall be entitled to receive fifteen percent (15%) of all proceeds from users who use the Winning Code and order a custom pet portrait(s) from Art in a Sec between dates to be mutually agreed upon between the Winning Participant and Art in a Sec (“Prize”).  After June 30, 2021 the Prize shall expire and have no monetary value to the Winning Participant (“Expiration”).  Prior to the Expiration, the Winning Participant may assign the Prize to a non-affiliated Animal Shelter or Rescue Group with the mutual consent of Adoptimize and Art in a Sec.